Surly Searle's Ford-like meltdown

The NDG councillor needs to step aside; no more sideshows

Councillor Searle likes the outdoors, ladies. (photo: Twitter)

Tonight on The Exchange we played audio from NDG (Loyola) councillor Jeremy Searle who, in a surreal interview with CTV's Derek Conlon, made more offensive comments about his city hall colleagues. 

In an interview recorded at 10 a.m., a surly Searle, at times slurring his words, strums on a guitar while calling Projet Montreal leader Richard Bergeron "council scum." He forgets Mayor, "that guy," Denis Coderre's name and makes inappropriate comments, referring to his need for "two times as many girls." He also admits to alcoholism and claims his doctor prescribes him alcohol to ward off seizures.

"As the doctors say, drink or die," Searle said (I'm pretty sure they don't say that about alcohol).

Searle apologized days ago for comparing sovereignists to insects; on Monday, he implied Coderre had "problems in his head" during the city council meeting.

"Do you drink prior to city council meetings?" asked Conlon.

"No, I play the guitar," responded Searle in a coquettish tone. 

He goes on to deny being drunk at council meetings. And then there was this: "Anybody who eats supper without wine is a loser. Everybody has a glass of wine with supper for God's sake!"

Producer Ryan Ryder called Searle this evening; he declined to be interviewed live on CJAD 800 to address the offensive comments because he was bowling at NDG's Rose Bowl.

"I have a drinking problem."

It's debatable whether or not alcoholism excuses or explains his rude comments, but it's clear Searle needs to resign or, at the very least, step aside temporarily to seek treatment. Montreal has no appetite for sideshows. Toronto's mayor is entertaining enough from a distance.

Mr. Searle: Get help and don't continue insulting your NDG constituents who generously returned you to office despite your rather ordinary track record.

"The guitar is a prop. What do you want?" Searle asked Conlon. 

"Very good," replied Conlon, who should be applauded for his professionalism and patience.

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