The most disturbing call I've had all year

As you may have heard or read, New Brunswick’s largest health authority announced last week it will move from a "do-or-do-not resuscitate" policy to one that gives patients more choices about end-of-life care.

As of this December, some patients in the Moncton-area Horizon Health Network will have four options:

1) Pull out all the stops to save me;

2) Don’t revive me but give me intensive care unit care;

3) Don’t bring me back to life but keep offering relevant treatment, or...

4) Just keep me comfortable until I die.

As we were discussing this on-air, a call came in from Katarina. Now, I'm rarely at a loss for words... but she told me a story about her husband that left me speechless. Listen and let me know what you think.

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  1. Beatrice posted on 11/12/2012 03:33 PM
    This was the saddest thing I ever heard. I was holding my breath. This poor woman. So so sad.
  2. Paul M. posted on 11/12/2012 09:04 PM
    Unfortunately we are seeing the results of our "wired" society.

    Technology has desensitized and dehumanatised us to the the point where empathy no longer exists.

    Our deity is now comprised of touch screens, stupid acronyms and a lack of mutual respect

    God help us all.
  3. Riva posted on 11/12/2012 10:28 PM
    I truely would hope that someone with the proper contacts will look into this case and help this woman get proper guidence, and closure for this most tragic story. My heart aches for her !!! May this request be fulfilled for the good of all of us !!!!
  4. irene purdy torrance posted on 11/13/2012 08:10 PM
    Does this woman have Friends. Is she alone 'enduring this terrible Loss???
    I am willing to help with kindness and conversation.............
    I would think they could not understand her accent and chose to IGNORE her.

    Shame on them and their day will come.
  5. Lissa posted on 11/19/2012 06:19 PM
    I heard that call when it came through and I could tell how affected you were by it, Tommy. She broke my heart, I was fighting tears because I was driving at the time, but it broke me up.
  6. Giovanni posted on 11/27/2012 04:06 PM
    Hi Tommy , I do not know what to say I am 50 Years old and speechless too with tears in my eyes. I know that there is one person that is looking at this lady and that is GOD. God bless her.
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