Brandy and Whiskey help students de-stress

Relax, we're not encouraging students to drink as a means of coping with anxiety (leave THAT to us journalists). No, Brandy and Whiskey are actually two adorable therapy dogs, and they're at McGill University Library December 6 to help stressed-out students unwind during exam period.

I had Brandy and her trainer Harriet in studio, and already I feel soothed. Harriet and Brandy are with Therapeutic Paws of Canada, a non-profit organization of volunteers that provide therapy dogs. The use of therapy dogs on campus is all the rage, and proof that dogs are more than just companions - they're actually good for us. Now if only they had a basset hound on call...

Have YOU or a loved one ever benefited from a therapy animal? I'd love to know your story - leave a comment!

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  1. McGillMom posted on 12/05/2012 01:58 PM
    Interesting -- when my daughter flaked out of her second consecutive all-nighter about 3 this morning, she specifically mentioned going home to her cat. Good instincts!
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