Teachers care too

When she went to bed there were maybe 40 views... and when she woke up, there were over SIX THOUSAND. That was a couple of days ago... this morning, as of 7:39am, the official count was 9175.

Lindsay Place High School teacher Catherine Hogan was feeling frustrated by the anti-bullying videos she was seeing, in which students would express feelings of how no one cared or wanted to listen to them. So she made a video of her own (CLICK THIS LINK TO SEE THE VIDEO) - and believe, me, it's moving... here's the description:

Too many teenagers try to face their problems on their own. They feel alone and that no one understands them. Teachers are there to help, teachers are there to listen. People often forget that teachers are not just passionate about their subject, they are passionate about their students.

I'll speak her today - listen, and let us know what YOU think of Catherine's message.

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  1. Louise Arseneau posted on 01/25/2013 03:56 PM
    Very moving, especially the last page. Even as a retired one, this makes me very proud to be a teacher. Bravo!
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