Addicted to a "harmless" drug

It was sometimes called the 'harmless drug' - meaning, it could help students power through marathon study sessions and exams, and leave no trace.

But Adderall, prescribed to adults for symptoms of Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, has caused a myriad of debilitating and tragic effects on several patients, like Richard Fee.

The 24-year-old former college class president killed himself two days after running out of pills. he had become extremely addicted to the drug, and exhibited psychotic behaviour. Fee, and the efforts made by his parents to intervene, were recently profiled in the New York Times

Todd spoke to Dr David Juurlink, a medical toxicologist at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto and Jane Mundy, a Vancouver writer for Lawyers and Settlements who has written several stories about Adderall addicts and their families. 

Health Canada is expected to announce more guidelines when it comes to prescription drugs in the coming months. 

Image: Adderall Nation

Part 1 - Dr David Juurlink

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