Sugar Sammy poster hits raw nerve with Quebec nationalists

Many Quebec nationalists are upset with a post on comedian Sugar Sammy's Facebook page.

The post — which has since been taken down — is a poster advertising some upcoming shows in Montreal. It shows premier Pauline Marois and Toronto mayor Rob Ford side-by-side, with the caption, "Who would you choose as your leader, Marois or Rob Ford? I actually trust the crackhead more."

Ford admitted to having smoked crack cocaine in the past week.

The post didn't go over very well with many who took to Twitter today, many of whom saw the post in bad taste, and others saw it as another example of 'Quebec bashing'.

Others, however, suggested that former premier Jean Charest was treated just as badly, if not worse, by the same people.

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  1. Barcham posted on 11/11/2013 01:51 PM
    I'll trust Rob Ford over Marois any day of the week. I actually cannot think of anyone who I would trust less than Marois now that I think of it.
  2. LMAO posted on 11/11/2013 02:24 PM
    'The post didn't go over very well with many who took to Twitter today, many of whom saw the post in bad taste, and others saw it as another example of 'Quebec bashing'.

    Most Quebecor's see the Charter of no values as bad taste and immigrant bashing too.

    On a day when we remember those who gave their lives for the freedoms we all enjoy here it is a shameful time for all Quebecor's to even have such a devisive bill on the floor of our National Assembly.
  3. Just me posted on 11/11/2013 02:25 PM
    Have to love Sugar Sammy! A true Montrealer and speaks how many languages fluently. :-)
  4. Ben posted on 11/11/2013 02:41 PM
    People need to learn take a joke.I think the individuals that didnt see the humour would support Marois no matter what she does.I bet if you take the fact that she french canadian out of the equation Quebecers would see that economically speaking she's doing a horrible job, just look at the numbers.In no way did it ever mention anything about Quebec or French Canadians
  5. eric posted on 11/11/2013 03:29 PM
    Good on you Sammy. And Pauline, it's called freedom of speech a foreign concept to you and your clique.
  6. Stev posted on 11/11/2013 03:59 PM
    The Nationalist are upset with this? I don't think they have any ideas how the minorities feeling about the charter bill less alone the Anglos. It comes with the territory.
  7. Lena73 posted on 11/11/2013 04:28 PM
    He should NEVER have taken the post down. He's a comedian joking about clowns. The people who get upset over stuff like that are the same people who walk around with a chip on their shoulders and think the whole world is against them. Grow up already!
  8. MarkR posted on 11/11/2013 07:39 PM
    Here is proof that the nationalist can't handle the truth.
  9. clint posted on 11/11/2013 08:21 PM
    Better to laugh at the situation than cry over it.
    Besides neither of these characters can help themselves.
    Congrats Sugar Sammy....just doin your
    They DO know you are a comedian ...right?
    Maybe we need a charter for comedy !
  10. Bryan posted on 11/12/2013 08:59 AM
    Marois c'est une imbécile à tête d'oiseau ... Bravo pour ton commentaire Sammy !!!
  11. Pierre Emond posted on 11/13/2013 08:40 AM
    Not only would I pick Ford over Marois, I'd pick of bag of walnuts over her
  12. Juge posted on 11/13/2013 09:51 AM
    I hope the comedians who will be performing at next year's Just For Laughs festival are paying attention to Sugar Sammy and Super Marois's Charter of PQ Values. There is and will be SO much to write about and Sugar Sammy is just getting the ball rolling.
    Thank you Sammy.
  13. Harpo posted on 11/13/2013 11:31 PM
    Queen Pauline hits a raw nerve with me every day
  14. Melnibonean posted on 11/14/2013 12:10 AM
    ....but most of us would trust the Crackhead more. Even Trudeau, who also admitted to smoking drugs, did so on his time and hurt no one in the process. Aunt Pauline is roughing us up and we're paying her to do so.
    Good for you Sammy! I believe I can live with the Nationalists being upset.
  15. More BS posted on 11/16/2013 07:29 PM
    The French media trashes the English all the time and there is no problem . When the English say something negative it is quebec bashing. The more upset the nationalists get the happier I am. This pq ship of fools are impersonating a government and ruining the future of all quebeckers. This government should be arrested and thrown in jail once and for good.
  16. Karla Liebrandt posted on 11/18/2013 11:39 AM
    I'll take Ford any day. You've got to love his straight forwardness. Ok, the guy is a fruitcake, but at least he is only hurting himself. Marois is hurting an entire province.
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