Coderre: no free pass for Enbridge pipeline

Mayor Denis Coderre
Angelica Montgomery/CJAD

Montreal's mayor says he's not going to give Enbridge a blank check for its pipeline.

Denis Coderre set out a few key requests Monday night when he spoke in front of a National Assembly committee hearing looking into the project.

"It's all about answering questions. It's all about being transparent about it. That's why I said it's a 'yes, but'," says Coderre.

He wants the company to stow away a billion dollars for an emergency fund, and also create a second research fund to study the risk of transporting tar sands oil in the 38-year-old pipeline.

Pipeline owners should disclose what they're transporting, and have safety plans. The mayor also wants an assurance that there will be economic benefits for Montreal.

"As a mayor, I'm there to protect my citizens. I'm there to create jobs, but I'm there to protect the environment."

Enbridge's the regulations are no problem, but the billion dollar fund is unnecessary.

"We have an insurance of 635 million dollars US. We have a line of credit of 300 million dollars," says Eric Prudhomme, the director of public affairs for Eastern Canada.

He also says a billion-dollar stash is not possible.

"If every jurisdiction does that, well, what do you think will happen to the company?"


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