New cellphone contract rules begin today

New cellphone contract rules start today
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Starting today, new cellphone contracts will include more consumer-friendly rules.

"The three year contract is no more," said independent technology analyst Carmi Levy. The new rules mean the longest contract that you'll be able to find is two years, making it easier to end your contract.

"The real benefit here is that consumers aren't locked into a device that usually starts to fail after about two years, they don't have to hold onto it for three years," Levy said.

"They no longer feel kind of locked in by hundreds of dollars of termination fees, those fees are now gone, they're free to shop between carriers."

It's also easier to return your phone and termination fees and roaming charges are capped. The new CRTC code of conduct doesn't apply to older contracts prior to this month, but Levy said it doesn't hurt to speak with your carrier, especially since complaining prompted these new rules.

"You're stuck but I would still recommend you call your carrier and have that conversation anyway because the fact that we have a new code of conduct today, it's changing the way they approach consumers," Levy said.

"Speak to your local elected representatives, your MP, and let them know that you're not happy with service, keep the pressure on and as a result, services wil continue to get better and we'll continue to get more value for our wireless buck."

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