WATCH: SUV runs through anti-fracking street blockade in Montreal

A video of an SUV driver plowing through a group of protesters setting up a blockade in support of anti-fracking activists in New Brunswick is making waves on the web.

The incident allegedly happened Monday morning at the corner of Pie-IX Blvd. and Notre-Dame St. The video shows a driver in a green Chevrolet Tracker inching forward toward the handful of protesters in his way. A few second later, he's seen speeding down the street, having made his way through the group of protesters. One of the protesters was taken several feet before being thrown to the ground.

A call went in to Montreal police, but police spokesperson Daniel Lacoursière says by the time they got to the scene of the alleged incident, the protesters had all left, and for the moment, he says no charges are pending.

The demonstration near the corner of Pie-IX Blvd. and Notre Dame St. was part of a national "emergency day of action" in support of the Elsipogtog First Nation in east-central New Brunswick, who've been involved in a well-publicized campaign against shale gas exploration in the province.

Back in October, an anti-fracking demonstration turned violent after the RCMP tried to enforce an injunction forcing demonstrations to remove a roadblock.

Today, organizers urged protesters across Canada to hang banners, shut down roadways, and block roads in support of the cause.

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  1. Ryan posted on 12/02/2013 05:35 PM
    No charges are pending!?

    Even without mowing down the protesters, the guy is driving with a dog in the front seat while he's on his phone!
    Clearly this man is not a safe driver.
  2. Drew posted on 12/03/2013 01:03 AM
    It is bad enough we have to dodge pot holes, big orange cones look out for sink holes and now protesters we definitely know what will happen flying protesters. So stay on the side walk and protest all you want. bye the way did they have a permit to protest?
  3. Umaga posted on 12/03/2013 08:14 AM
    A group of aggressive , masked , men surrounding and banging on your car ? I"d say the driver did the right thing .
    He was probably dialing 911 on his phone to report it to the police so they could clear the vermin from the road .
  4. Rob posted on 12/03/2013 09:34 AM
    I would do the same (except I do not use a cellphone). No matter what the cause, you do not have the right to block the street. A crowd is a weapon. Use that on me and I'll use whatever weapon I have at the time (my vehicle).
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