We'll obey Quebec court order if enforced by Ontario: Lev Tahor

Lev Tahor families from Quebec still in Ontario despite court order
Nir Keidar

A community leader for the radical Jewish sect Lev Tahor says if Ontario authorities manage to put into force a Quebec court ruling ordering over a dozen children of the community into foster care, they'll abide by it.

The Quebec judge ruled last week that he believed the 14 children were at serious risk of harm after hearing testimony from child protection workers and a former sect member.

Lev Tahor community member Uriel Goldman said that if an Ontario judge certifies the Quebec court order, 'we're going to obey that," Goldman told CJAD 800 News, adding they wouldn't be happy about it.

Goldman said they repeat that the neglect and abuse allegations are lies used to demonize them in what he calls a politicized situation. He reiterated they moved to Ontario because of Quebec's education curriculum that doesn't fit with their religious beliefs.

"Child protection services (in Quebec) are very angry that the whole community left Quebec because it made a big shame on their position," Goldman said.

Child protection services in Quebec and Ontario are refusing to comment while discussions continue, including a day long session today.

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