Big O roof decision still up in the air

Despite more and more tears in the Big O roof, the Quebec government is still deciding on what to do about the structure

Quebec's tourism minister says they're still weighing several factors before making a final decision on the roof of the Olympic Stadium.

A Radio-Canada report says tears in the roof of the stadium have tripled since last year and that roof maintenance costs have doubled to 800-thousand dollars.

Quebec Tourism Minister Pascal Bérubé insists the safety of the Olympic Stadium is not being put into question and that for now, before deciding what to do with the roof, they have to consider certain criteria, even as they continue to pour more money into it.

"We need to, if we need another roof, we need to pay more money that's for sure, and we're not ready right now to take this kind of decision," Bérubé told reporters.

"When we have a decision, it's going to be based on some arguments such as the cost, the utility, the viability and the architecture."

Montreal mayor Denis Coderre agreed they shouldn't rush into things.

"It's not a priority but it's reality," Coderre said, adding while it would be nice to have a strong, sturdy roof if they get World Cup soccer games, they have to analyze the situation first.

"It's part of the big plan of what Montreal needs but clearly it's not a matter of priority right now."

Michel Leblanc, head of the Montreal Board of Trade agrees, adding the government has to examine every single angle before investing millions more into the Big O.

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  1. JoeN posted on 12/04/2013 02:44 PM
    Aaah the symbol of what this province and more specifically this city has become. Run down, inefficient, useless, and soon to be bankrupt if we continue with PQ economics.
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