Some doubts about finishing new Champlain Bridge in 2018

Some engineers and other experts are doubting that the new Champlain Bridge will be built by the new deadline of 2018

Some experts are casting doubt on the new fast-tracked schedule to build the new Champlain Bridge.

Federal Transport Minister Denis Lebel announced Sunday they were pushing up the schedule from 2021 to 2018.

"I think it's highly unlikely also, it is a very tight schedule," said structural engineer Helen Christodoulou. She said the proposed target of 2018 is not realistic, considering the environmental and engineering studies and the tenders process, not to mention ice on the St. Lawrence that would restrict winter work and the proposed light rail that would also complicate things.

"There are a lot of factors that would hinder that deadline," Christodoulou told CJAD 800 News.

Christodoulou said they'd also have to take into account any unforeseeables that not only could push the schedule back but also increase the costs. She said the original deadline was more realistic and that completing the bridge by 2019 or 2020 is more likely.

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