Charter: Drainville denounces McGill's 'scare tactics'

Bernard Drainville, the PQ's minister responsible for the controversial secularism charter, is accusing McGill University officials of resorting to scare tactics.

The university's principal told a National Assembly committee Tuesday that it is already hearing from professors and employees who are considering leaving the institution in the wake of charter debate.

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Drainville insists the university's comments are meant to scare the public — and it won't work.

"Scare campaigns or scare tactics have been tried in the past and I think we are immunized against that," he says, referring to the long-ago debate on another famous PQ charter — the Charter of the French Language.

"You know, the same thing was said about Bill 101, 40 years ago. Did it hurt McGill?"

Though Bill 101, in large part, does not apply to McGill, Drainville says some argued that it would hurt the university's international reputation, which didn't happen.

"I call that a fear campaign. We are no longer afraid of fear campaigns. I think fear campaigns do not work anymore"

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  1. paul posted on 12/04/2013 02:04 PM
    Drainville has the gall to accuse McGill U of fear mongering when HE DEVOTES HIS LIFE to it.
  2. maria posted on 12/04/2013 02:19 PM
    Scare tactics, I'll give you scare tactics - 2.5 billion defecit - This guy is in La La land -
    This guy is so unreasonable , there is not point in even talking with him - And the bulk of this 2.5 Billion defecit is Income tax revenue - Guess why , because people have already left and there income tax is going to other provinces or people are unemployed and they have not income tax to give , infact we pay for all the unemployment, so guess what is going to happen our income tax is going to go up, while all the provincial m.p.'s are going to get a huge raise. Were is the justice in this were is the logic in this. Is there no one that can stop this madness.
  3. JoeN posted on 12/04/2013 02:34 PM
    The kettle calling the pot black I see. Mr Drainville it is you and your PQ party's go to excuse for inflicting Bill 101, language cops, the charter of intolerance, your chickening out of the Concordia session, etc etc etc. So spare us your twisted logic and face reality. The PQ is a scare tactic, a sad excuse for a political party, and should be noted by historians all over as a politcal party that excelled on scare tactics ad creating issues that don't exist.
  4. ric posted on 12/04/2013 05:04 PM
    What's really scary, is 2.5 billion in debt, morons running the province, being terrified of a kippah, cringing that ENGLISH is the world language, and finding new things to lie about to other separatists.
    Furthermore, WE ARE NOT AFRAID OF YOU!!!
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