Elderly driver who plowed through daycare is still allowed to drive

The Face à Face daycare centre, located at 535 St. Martin Blvd. W. in Laval.
Michel Boyer/CJAD

The 80-year-old woman who ran her car into a Laval daycare centre last month is still able to drive, pending a new driving test.

A Laval police spokesperson told CJAD News that detectives had ordered the driver to re-take the standard driving test — which won't happen until after the holidays.

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In the meantime, however, no one has taken her licence away, which means she could be on the road right now.

On the afternoon of Nov. 12, the driver apparently mistook the gas pedal for the brake pedal and plowed into the front window of the Face à Face daycare centre on St-Martin Blvd. in Chomedey.

Three young children were injured. They are all out of hospital, though one of the children still needs regular medical attention for serious facial injuries.

The daycare's owner says she expects to reopen the daycare within a week and a half.

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  1. ric posted on 12/04/2013 05:08 PM
    What's wrong with a suspended license until her test? Is the law that insane?
  2. Joan posted on 12/04/2013 05:30 PM
    I do not understand why the SAAQ does not revoke her license???? I am starting to believe what most are saying that they simply keep elders active licenses for the money.. For shame
  3. Drew posted on 12/05/2013 12:06 AM
    That is just not right .Her license should be suspended till after her test. My father in law went through the test because he is 82 years old it cost $350.00. Just give the senior free bus passes. By the way he passed
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