Junk food still available at most Quebec hospitals


A new report reveals hospital cafeterias are not as healthy as we think. 

It shows only a handful of them have managed to implement the provincial government's no junk food policy, which was introduced ten years ago.

The policy called for cafeterias to remove fried foods, soft drinks, fat, sugar and salt. But in many cafeterias, like the ones at MUHC hospitals, you can still buy the junk food.

The Hôtel-Dieu and Notre Dame hospitals have eliminated everything but desserts from their menus to fit the policy.

“When we got rid of the fried food and soft drinks it was an adjustment for them, clients found it difficult,” Guylaine Proulx, dietitian with the CHUM, told CJAD. 

“People complained but now they got used it so we don’t hear about it anymore.”

When launched, the health ministry had given hospitals until March 2013 to implement the policy; it says it is conducting a survey to see how well it was done.

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