Canada remembers Nelson Mandela with tremendous respect

Prime minister Harper calls Mandela true statesman

Prime Minister Harper says the world has lost one of its great moral leaders.

Harper called Mandela a "true statesman'' shortly after learning that the former South African leader had died.

Harper told the House of Commons that Mandela demonstrated that the only path forward for his nation was to reject the appeal of bitterness.

An honorary Canadian citizen, Mandela died today at age 95.

Former prime minister Brian Mulroney noted in a statement that with Mandela's passing,"a precious light has gone out in the world.''

Mulroney broke ranks with other western leaders in the 1980s to help lead the fight against the apartheid regime by imposing strict economic sanctions.

In his later years, Mandela never forgot the help that he received from Canada, and Mulroney, in his epic fight for freedom.

Stephen Lewis, Canada's former United Nations ambassador under Mulroney, says Mandela was deeply attached to Canada.

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair called Mandela an intelligent man who was a source of inspiration for all, from the most humble and impoverished to the world's most powerful.

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