Canadian, US towns calling for greater rail safety

A coalition of American and Canadian municipal organizations met for the first time in Lac Mégantic today to discuss the ever-pressing issue of rail safety.


Members came from across Quebec, New Brunswick and the US border states.


They want to press both the American and Canadian federal governments to implement new rules regarding rail safety, especially when transporting hazardous materials.

The Lac Megantic disaster did lead to federal hearings on rail safety in the United States, and new rules may be on their way.

Karen Darch is the mayor of Barrington, Illinois. She was in Lac Mégantic for the meeting and says the concerns of small towns and cities in both countries are finally being heard.


"We have really made the case to federal regulators because we are the ones, as we saw in Lac Mégantic, who have to deal with the results of a result of a lack of safety," she says.


"It's in our towns that the trains are derailing, and the people are being killed and the buildings are being destroyed, and we are the ones left with cleaning it up."

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  1. Eric A. Tuttle posted on 12/08/2013 05:48 PM
    I support "No Expanded uses" for the Rail Corridor through Maine, such as pipelines, other modes of transportation, transmission lines etc, such as proposed for the East-West Corridor through Maine. Such corridors seem to widen, legally, and tend to be utilized for more than their orig intentions. With no voice from the people.
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