Health care workers more at risk of violence on the job than police

Shocking data released Thursday morning shows health care workers are the most at risk of violence on the job, even more so than police officers.

A survey by l'Institut Universitaire de Santé Mental revealed 81% of employees who work with sick people were victims of verbal or physical violence in the work place during a 12 month period.

“When somebody is waiting 15 to 18 hours to receive care, the first person they will see in the emergency room is the nurse and that can lead to a violent situation," Roberto Bomba, Executive with the Fédération interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec (FIQ), told CJAD.

Bomba said he was saddened by the numbers but not surprised, and that often the cases go unreported.

Next on the list were transit workers (STM), 80% of them said they had been verbally or physically assaulted.

Police officers were last on the list, 77% said they had been abused, physically or verbally on the job.

The police union said that number may be low because violence is a regular part of the job and police officers don't notice it.

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  1. JoeN posted on 12/05/2013 10:01 AM
    The front line health workers pay the price for incompetent administrators and government officials that have no clue on what it takes to provide healthcare yet make the budget decisions. True justice would be to inflict on the politicians the same pain patients endure to get service. Next time Marois or her band of merry mp's come to your hospital, don't hustle them into a private room and fast track their treatment, let them wait it out in the waiting room like everyone else, no special treatment.
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