Home buyers to be reimbursed because owner omitted mention of double-suicide

A Quebec City judge has ordered a man to reimburse a young couple the purchase price of a home because he failed to mention that a double-suicide had occurred in the home.

Justice Robert Dufresne, ruled that the homeowner would pay back the $275,000 purchase price, $23,000 in expenses the couple had accrued plus an additional $15,000 in moral damages.

The couple had only learned about the double-suicide from a neighbour a few days after the sale had gone through.

They were so traumatized by the news, they never moved in.

By law , owners must present a seller's declaration outlining conditions which may affect a house sale.

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  1. joeN posted on 12/05/2013 10:10 AM
    Where was the real estate rep in this deal? Was the rep more concerned about the sales commision or completing the deal ethically?
  2. Joe posted on 12/07/2013 09:59 AM
    I know in New Brunswick that most real estate transactions come with a disclosure statement, relying on the sellers to be honest; which doesn't always happen. It says the homeowner so we assume that it would have been a private sale. I bought a private sale and a month after closing the home owner still refused to move some of his furniture out. I called the salvation army to come and get it. I never received a disclosure statement and the purchase was very painful for me and my family. Since then I do my research and ALWAYS buy through a real estate agent. And, even my last 2 buys didn't go completely smooth. I was thankful that my Agent was there to look after things.

    It makes no sense to my why someone would risk to buy privately.
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