Quebec government and opposition pay tribute to Nelson Mandela

Both call him a giant

The Quebec government and its official opposition have reacted to the death of Nelson Mandela.

Premier Marois spoke with reporters to say Mandela was a giant.

She said Mandela's life was one of peace, ideals, a fight for racial equality and dignity.

The premier added the Quebec flag at the National Assembly will fly at half mast on the day of Mandela's funeral.

"His fight against apartheid has changed the history of a whole continent", said Marois.

Liberal leader Philippe Couillard also referred to Mandela as a giant.

"The world has lost probably the last giant of the 20th century. What he will be remembered for is his huge fight against apartheid, his victory against apartheid, which he paid with his freedom", said Couillard.

Couillard admitted what touched him was seeing Mandela leaving prison with his heart not full of hate and revenge, but, on the contrary, the desire to build a united, tolerant, inclusive country."

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  1. American Observer posted on 12/05/2013 11:47 PM
    How hypocritical of Pauline Marois in pretending to be sympathetic towards Nelson Mandela and his accomplishments. The PQ's so called values charter goes against absolutely everything Mr. Mandela stood for and everything he believed in.

    Mr. Mandela fought for equality and justice. He sought to build bridges and remove barriers. He worked to build a better life for everyone, not just some members of society. And after 27 years in prison, he didn't emerge bitter. He emerged with a spirit to make his country a better place for EVERYONE.

    Mr. Mandela worked to bring people, races and cultures together.

    The PQ strives to build walls and destroy cultural bridges. The PQ works to exclude non-francophones from Quebec society and strives to drive English and immigrants from the province. The PQ practices linguistic cleansing, racial intolerance and divisionary politics. The PQ and its supporters continue to live in the past, bitter over what took place decades and centuries ago and refusing to look to the future.

    Mr. Mandela would look upon your language policies and your values charter as racist and exclusionary.

    Mr. Mandela would soundly denounce the PQ and Quebec politics in no uncertain terms for the intolerant, prejudicial and xenophobic practices that they are.
    1. G posted on 12/06/2013 09:15 AM
      @American Observer Amen to that!
  2. Joe posted on 12/06/2013 09:22 AM
    Well said, problem is they are not listening and this is past hypocritical it is shameful for the use of lesser words.
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