English Christmas cards reappear at Sherbrooke Wal-Mart

English Christmas cards now on the shelves at the Sherbrooke Wal-Mart
Richard Deschamps

Some Christmas joy in Sherbrooke where the Wal-Mart is now stocked with English Christmas cards which were mysteriously absent a few days ago.

Cleveland resident Donald Potter said he was surprised when he went to the Sherbrooke Wal-Mart to buy English Christmas cards for friends and relatives overseas and in Canada and couldn't find any, even after looking high and low with the help of workers and managers, who explained away the missing cards by saying various things: there was a complaint about them; they may have been defective; Toronto head office ordered them off the floor. He said he was offered bilingual cards which he refused.

"Why would they have all French and remove only the English and then come out with some ludicrous thing and say, 'Oh, maybe all the 1000s of cards are defective,' " Potter told CJAD 800 News.

Wal-Mart spokesman Alex Roberton said he can't explain it because a certain percentage of English products are dedicated to that store.

"It could be at that time we hadn't replenished a certain type of card they were looking for, they may have been on the rack and poorly placed, they might not have checked the section," Roberton said, adding they went through a lot of cards in the last few weeks.

Roberton insisted there must have been a misunderstanding because he spoke with the Sherbrooke store which assured him there are now English Christmas cards in stock.

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