Food banks getting more food, less cash

The organizations distributing food baskets to Montrealers in need this Christmas season are taking in more food but less cash from donors. 

A days after kicking off their annual food drive, Harvest Montreal found that it had received $40,000 less in monetary donations, but took in 500 more grocery bags than it did last year.

No one is sounding the alarm yet, but it is raising some questions.

Harvest Montreal's Marie-Claire Lynn says that perhaps the weather had something to do with it. Maybe people were feeling less giving in the cold and rain.

Bonnie Soutar at the NDG Food Deport thinks more people may prefer the tangible aspect of buying, wrapping and delivering actual food items than the anonymity of a check.

Despite the shortfall, food banks are confident that they will match last year's financial take.

Donors are being asked for cash, non-perishable food and baby products.

Photo courtesy La Presse

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  1. Drew posted on 12/06/2013 06:28 PM
    I think it is more of a trust issue look at the corruption in Quebec. I rather trust the organizations with a bag off food then my $25.00 donation.
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