MUHC nurses' union takes its distance from provincial federation on charter

The unions representing the city's two major hospitals, the MUHC and the CHUM, are taking their distance from the provincial nurses union's position on the secularism charter.

At a convention in Laval this past Thursday, members of the Fédération interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec, the FIQ, officially endorsed a motion backing the controversial charter — in particular, its ban on religious symbols.

The motion came after the FIQ's brass unveiled the results of a survey which found that 60 per cent of their members agreed with the charter, with 64 per cent thinking it was necessary.

And just over half of the FIQ members surveyed apparently said, at some point in their careers, that they had been asked by a patient to make a religious accomodation.

The federation refused to reveal how many of its members were surveyed, or how the survey was carried out.

"We have a diverse religious community at the MUHC, and we didn no have the possibility to consult them to get their opinion on that," she says.

Larocque insists that contrary to the what the study shows, she just hasn't come across any issues with accomodations from her employees.

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