Canada Post kills off urban home mail delivery

Cost-cutting measures to include as many as 8,000 job losses

There'll be a major change coming in the way city-dwelling Canadians get their mail.

Faced with declining volumes of traditional letter mail and a billion-dollar pension debt, Canada Post has decided to eliminate all forms of door-to-door mail delivery in urban centres.

The change is expected to be phased in over the next five years. By then, the one-third of Canadians who now enjoy the services of a letter carrier will have to get their mail at a community mailbox.

The first neighborhoods to be forced to make the change will begin doing so by the end of next year.

The change comes as part of a five-point action plan designed to return Canada Post to "financial sustainability" by 2019.

Among the changes, the price of stamps will go up dramatically. Currently, the cost of a regular stamp is 63 cents. By March 31, 2014, the cost of an individual stamp will go up to $1 — though stamps bought in booklets or coils would cost 85 cents apiece.

The postal service plans to cut anywhere from 6,000 to 8,000 positions, mainly through attrition.

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  1. clint posted on 12/11/2013 10:38 AM
    I never understood why Canada Post only delivers to your door, while your there you could pick-up mail for an extra charge.
  2. JoeN posted on 12/11/2013 11:01 AM
    Why can't these geniuses making these ridiculous decisions not consult the public before they roll out the plan? Reducing the amount of times the Post Carrier delivers your mail to your house from 5 days a week to 3 or 2 would make more sense than building the community mail boxes for this proposed blunder.
    1. anon posted on 12/11/2013 12:58 PM
      @JoeN Maybe it makes sense for you to receive your mail every few days JoeN but businesses would say otherwise..
    2. Lou posted on 12/12/2013 09:36 PM
      @JoeN Actually they did have a public inquiry a few months back. Lots of ppl said they don't use snail mail, lots want mail to be privatize but when it come to privatized $$ question, "will you paid more, from $0.65 to $8-10 a letter" (thats the price from UPS and FEDEX) ppl reply "no".
      Obviously "the public" can't make a decision so CP did. ;)
  3. Karla Liebrandt posted on 12/11/2013 11:08 AM
    They do not have to cut it out altogether. Just do it every two days instead of one. There are a lot of older people out there who can not access community boxes for one reason or another. Is this what we are paying taxes for?
  4. Joseph posted on 12/11/2013 11:34 AM
    Another dumb solution to save money by cutting service. Nothing new with the Harp.
  5. walter posted on 12/11/2013 12:25 PM
    Just because big companies are too cheap to pay for a stamp.
    Now we are being forced to use the internet.

    Why not just bring in people from China to carry the mail?
  6. Bailey posted on 12/11/2013 12:55 PM
    Hilarious to hear the Canada Post union rep this morning on CJAD trying to justify the continued outdated practice of home delivery. His comment that there would be increased flyer garbage because of less home delivery was just plain stupid!

    It's just a reality that we cannot afford to pay a bunch of underworked and overpaid union employees anymore with the continued decrease in mail activity.

    The sooner the end of Canada Post the better.
    1. walter posted on 12/11/2013 04:04 PM
      @Bailey Ah....the great society we live in!
      Who cares about more jobs being lost!
      Before the internet...Everything was good.
      Now everything on the internet.

      Like a caller said...Once upon a time milk was delivered to your house.
      No more.
      Once upon a time , there were a lot of great textile jobs.
      no more.
      Once upon a time, a lot of great of great manufacturing jobs....Bikes, toys, cars...
      No more.

      Today all the good jobs we have, are jobs that are paid by tax payers ,
      basically controlled by the government.(good paying jobs)

      Soon we will have the internet giving us our jobs.
      Or like I said...Let's all go to China and get a job
    2. CK posted on 12/11/2013 06:14 PM
      @Bailey "Underworked and overpaid" union employees. Uh, have you ever worked as a mail carrier? Do you know what they go through in a day? Are you able to walk for kilometres on end, carry 50 lb bags?

      What about the overpaid and underworked Deepak Chopra or whoever the CEO of Canada Post is these days. In 2011, he got about 650,000$ plus "bonuses". What do you think about that?
  7. ric posted on 12/11/2013 02:14 PM
    I totally agree. Mail delivery every second day or so. It makes perfect sense, especially for the elderly or the handicapped.
    1. Helle POld posted on 12/11/2013 03:22 PM
      @ric I worry more of what these 6,ooo to 8,000 people will do after their jobs are gone. I do not have home delivery instead I get my mail on the corner of my road. No problem.
    2. Wee posted on 12/13/2013 07:17 AM
      @ric So you want me to wait an extra day for my paycheck? No thanks. I will take a community box.
  8. Claude B. posted on 12/11/2013 04:44 PM
    Anytime you replace a human with an object, you're another step closer to the demise of our society. Cut the huge salaries and bonuses of the fat cats at the top of the pyramid instead - you'll save just as much. Plus, where are the savings gonna go? Not back to the public, that's for sure.
    You would think that there would be better ideas coming from our elected officials.
    1. Lena73 posted on 12/17/2013 08:12 AM
      @Claude B. I used to think the same way. And technological advances that replace man with machine used to scare me. Then I really thought about it...
      Those objects that replace humans need maintenance and programming. The savings will go to even better technologies and more efficient ways of getting things done. At the same time, I agree with cutting the huge ridiculous salaries of the fat cats. Those who should be paid handsomely are the people who can implement the ideas of creating a better society.
  9. Sharon posted on 12/12/2013 07:28 AM
    I understand eliminating home delivery in suburban or rural areas. I have long thought 2-3 deliveries per week would be enough; it is so drastic to eliminate it all.

    What happens in densely populated areas? No one has addressed this. Would high rise apartment dwellers have to go to the corner? Where is the space for the thousands of boxes that are now in buildings? What about security? Cost?
  10. steve posted on 12/12/2013 09:14 AM
    Canada post has a 6 billion+ pension deficit. They don't really want to talk about the real reason,or exactly what the savings are earmarked for. And don't forget the overpaid fatcat blotted management! The tax payers can get stuffed.
  11. Himansu posted on 12/12/2013 10:56 AM
    Not a big deal … Go to your community mailbox … get some exercise. Sign of the times … relax. Unless you're the elderly with mobility issues, stop complaining.
  12. Wee posted on 12/13/2013 07:16 AM
    Considering I get paychecks by mail, I like the community box idea better than reducing days to deliver mail, because then I can still get paid on time.

    I feel bad for those losing their jobs though. My father was a mailman... and the idiots you have to deal with every day as well as the people who do not salt their driveways in the winter (lots of falls), as well as leaving vicious dogs outside (yay for bleeding animal bites!), it was not a very easy job to deal with...
    People seem to think they just do mail delivery too. They also work at the office.

    But community boxes would definitely solve the problem of people having dangerous dogs, and being too lazy to salt. Yeah, trying to hurt your mailman is real smart...
  13. Michael posted on 12/14/2013 05:43 PM
    Has anyone thought that this might be the equivalent of a negotiating strategy by Canada Post? They say they're eliminating delivery but then come back in a month or so with a position that says that they've heard their customers loud and clear and they will implement a 2 or 3 day delivery option for the good of seniors and others. Wouldn't surprize me at all.
  14. wayne kennedy posted on 12/19/2013 01:59 AM
    Used to be if you had a gov. job you were paid less than private industry to compensate for perks like paid time off and pensions not available in the real world. Now teachers [ traditionally a modestly paid position as they only required two years of teacher training for baby sitting service and two months of vacation ect.] as an example gov. workers are the only ones that actually have unions and they expect middle class wages and the right to strike. However selling off everything that isn't bolted down seems to be the aim and possibly a deposit in a swiss account or whatever to open the door for something like UPS.
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