Quebec unveils action plan to protect public sector pensions

The Quebec government has unveiled its action plan in an effort to protect public-sector pensions.

It's calling for a 50/50 worker-employer contribution system.

Among other things, the government is proposing forums lasting four months involving talks between unions and management followed by negotiations.

It expects the issue to be resolved within roughly two years.

Labour minister Agnes Maltais stresses that's quicker than a recommendation from a government report.

Mayor Coderre wants the time frame cut down to one year.

"The first year is negotiation, the second year, the goverment should provide us the tools to finalize the negotiation, but it doesn't mean that we have to wait two years", said Coderre

Stock market drops over the last five years have led to deficits for pension plans.

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  1. Drew posted on 12/12/2013 07:58 PM
    They should show a good example and start on their pensions !!!!
  2. maria posted on 12/13/2013 07:29 AM
    I want to know what there doing to protect our pension funds??? When our municipile taxes went up with Gerald Tremblay at the helm - The reason he gave was because the pension funds of city workers went down 30% because of the stock market they had to raise our taxes to make up for the dollars that they lost, when I heard this I had to clean out my ears because I did not believe I heard right. Who helped the un-unionized worker get their money back - NO ONE - This kind of practise has to stop , they lost in the stock market , well they have to wait and recoup it patiently like everyone else. This is outrageous. I hope she does not plan a to pull something like this.!!! The bottom line is that the ordinary
    people weather Anglo or Allophone or Francophone always ends up paying for the protection of Gov. employees. I will say 1 word GREECE!!! I say Trim the fat Provincialy,
    Federaly, and Municipile. That is the only way to go!!!
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