SSJB calls on anglos, CJAD to stop 'Quebec-bashing'

CJAD called 'Quebec radio's anglophone trashcan'

Montreal's nationalist St. Jean Baptiste society is calling for an end to 'Quebec-bashing' and 'francophobia' on the part of anglophones and the anglophone media.

It has produced a declaration signed by 101 Quebec personalities, including ex-politicians like former premier Bernard Landry, entertainers and social activists decrying the fact that separatists, francophones and the French fact in general in Quebec seems to be constantly under attack by anglos and anglo media outlets inside and outside of Quebec — including CJAD.

"Since the Parti Quebecois began discussing strengthening the Charter of the French Language, the demonization of francophones has gone so far as to associate defenders of the French language as Nazis," the declaration read.

It was accompanied by a 26-page report documenting the supposed litany of instances of francophobia and 'Quebec-bashing', including the election night shooting at PQ headquarters on Sept. 4, 2012, CJAD's jailhouse interview with the alleged shooter, Richard Bain in which he was allowed to "freely express his partitionist views", torrents of Facebook and Twitter posts — even bathroom graffiti.

It also cites CJAD for a story that ran last October about a metro ticket-taker who hung up a sign reading "au Québec, c'est en français que ça se passe." It cited an unnamed CJAD host as saying "Hey, Pauline, you said you appreciate anglos? Fire this ass."

The document also referred to the Pastagate story from earlier this year, which the group saw as an excuse to drag Quebec's name through the mud all over the world.

At a news conference today, Eric Bouchard, a former staffer with former PQ MNA Pierre Curzi, referred to CJAD as "notre radio poubelle anglophone québécoise" (Quebec's anglophone trash radio).

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