Sovereigntist group denounces "propaganda" of Canada birthday plans

A hard-line sovereigntist group says its uneasy with Canada's plans to celebrate its 150th birthday in Quebec.

The Horizon 2017 Tall Ships Regatta will take place in Quebec city as part of the festivities, and the federal government is launching consultations for public input on how else to mark the occasion in Quebec and across the country.

"The problem in it is that we're saying the story of confederation was not positive for Francophones in Canada, for Quebecers," says Sol Zenetti, leader of Option Nationale.

Four years ago, Patrick Bourgeois, the party's candidate in Viau, had been an vocal part of a movement that suceeded in shutting down a reinactment of the Battle of the Plaines of Abraham.

However, Zenetti is not fighting against the confederation event in Quebec. "For the moment, it's O.K. We have to accept it," he says.

He does still say he's uneasy with the event. In an earlier press release the party condemned the event as 'propaganda" and "revisionist history."

"When we see that the goal is to create a sense of unity in Canada, we understand that its normal that a nation wants to do that, but we are afraid it will be done to the detriment of the historic reality," says Zennetti.

The Quebec government is also indirectly providing $100,000 for the Tall Ships event in Quebec city, a move that Zannetti says is inappropriate for a sovereigntist government.

Federal minister Shelly Glover says people have a right to their opinions.

"If people decide not to participate that's of their own choice. but those who intend to celebrate intend to do it in a big way because we're very proud of Canada," she says, adding that many Quebecers are also enthusiastic about the event.

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  1. Nica posted on 12/13/2013 03:35 PM
    What sad, miserable lives these people must lead.
    1. Kari posted on 12/13/2013 04:30 PM
      @Nica You couldn't have said it better.
  2. More BS posted on 12/15/2013 06:41 AM
    They don't have to separate from Canada . They are already separated from the world and reality. Poor brainwashed sheep.
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