Are your winter tires on? Some are still scrambling

In addition to the frigid temperatures on Saturday, there's been something else some peple have been dealing with.

Changing their tires.

Some motorists have yet to put on their winter tires.

The deadline to do so is Sunday

"Thers's a lot of people coming in, we are busy. There's a lot of people looking to have their tires installed. They're making sure that they get good deals", said Celso Louro with Merson Automotive in an interview with CJAD News.

Louro adds reasons for delaying installtion of winter tires include holiday finances and not wanting to wear out the tires prematurely.


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  1. John posted on 12/14/2013 02:14 PM
    It just amazises me that some still han't yet put on their snow tires . Were have these people been living all their lives , Florida ????

    Mid Nov. is the time to have them on , what is the cost of tires vs. your life ?????
  2. ric posted on 12/15/2013 09:22 AM
    2 other reasons are laziness and stupidity.
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