Dealing with the frigid temperatures

Wind chills peaking in the minus 30's

Like the song says, "Baby, it's cold outside."

Saturday is the coldest day of the season, until now.

Tomorrow, we're dealing with the snow, but today it's the bitterly cold temperatures with windchills reaching the minus 30's.

CJAD medical contributor Dr. Mitch Shulman says, for one, try to stay out as little possible, dress in layers, so you can add or remove clothing, depending on what's required.

As well, cover all body parts.

He also suggests if you're out for any length of time, be out there with someone else.

"You may not realize that a part of your body, your ear your nose, whatever, is going white and getting frost-bit and your friend will see it. Number 2, one of the first signs of hypothermia is that you become a little bit confused, you may not be your normal self. A friend will notice this before you do", Dr. Mitch said.


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