Be careful shoveling

Warm up and start gradually

It's a ritual for so many Montreal area residents.

Shovelling snow.

Many began shovelling even before the snow stopped falling.

The weather office said 30 centimeters had fallen by mid-afternoon with a couple more likely by day's end.

It also sees more snow for the coming week, although it's too early to tell if we're in for a substantal amount.

While shovelling seems like a pretty mundane task, CJAD's medical contributor says be careful.

Dr. Mitch Shulman suggests you start the process slowly.

"When you go out to do shoveling, you have to view it as any athletic event, in other words, it's not a trivial activity. Dress in layers, warm up a little bit, start gradually, don't go right into it and try and attack it, take your time, take frequent rests", said Shulman.

"I personally use a small shovel because that limits the loads I can pick up and ya in theory I may take the job a little bit longer, I grant you, but it's putting a lot less of a strain on my back", added Shulman.


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