Bloc Quebecois leader Daniel Paillé to step down

Daniel Paillé will announce his resignation as leader of the Bloc Quebecois this afternoon.

Paillé , who took over the job two years ago, replacing Gilles Duceppe will apparently cite health reasons for his decision.

Paillé will make the announcement at Bloc Quebecois headquarters on Crémazie at 1:30pm.

The Bloc was decimated in the 2011 federal election winning only four seats.

Paillé lost his own riding of  Hochelaga in that campaign.

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  1. Eric posted on 12/16/2013 01:28 PM
    Now if only the same would happen to the PQ like it did to the Bloq.

    I know it is a pipe dream but......

    It is only then that Quebec might once again begin to prosper. All this stupidity needs to be put behind us . Unless the PQ disappear from the horizon Quebec will always suffer. Just the chance of a Separatist government getting into power will reduce any chance of real prosperity.
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