'My son died for nothing': Fredy Villanueva's mother

Fredy Villanueva's mother says her son died for nothing. She's reacting to the coroner's report into the death of her 18-year-old son, who was shot and killed police in a Montreal North park in August 2008.

Lawyer's for the Villanueva family, and the others who sustained injuries during the fateful confrontation with police, say they welcome the coroner's report favorably — pointing out that it confirms officer Jean-Loup Lapointe was alone and thinking he was being threatened by Fredy Villanueva and the other youths there that day.

Lawyers also say the report confirms the police measures taken after the shooting were lacking and unequal when it comes to civil witnesses and police officers.

Coroner André Perreault says if everyone had thought before acting on the evening of Aug. 9, 2008, that Fredy Villanueva would still be alive today.

In his 143-page report, he said Villanueva's attempt to help his brother Dany while he was being arrested by Montreal police officers Jean-Loup Lapointe and Stephanie Pilotte could have been construed as a threat, as did the actions of the bystanders who were also shot and injured.

Perreault points out that Pilotte did the right things that night and did not contribute to the escalation of violence that led to Lapointe shooting Fredy Villanueva dead.

The coroner says he did not deserve to die and the evidence shows he did not try to disarm or harm Lapointe who he says only reacted to increased resistance from Dany Villanueva.

He offers up about 20 recommendations that focus on better police training and more anti-poverty measures. He also recommends doing away with police firearms where several bullets can be systematically and quickly fired after the first shot.

Mayor Denis Coderre and his police chief, Marc Parent both say they're still studying the report. Some corrective measures are in place, they say, with others to come.

Coderre and Parent also say the Montreal police force has their full support, and that so does Lapointe — someone the Villanueva family's lawyer says should be off the force.

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  1. Barcham posted on 12/17/2013 04:08 PM
    What happened to the days when kids would listen to what a police officer said to them and not talk back or try to resist them? Yes it was a tragic event, but the blame goes around to everyone who was there, not just the officers. Now what? We are supposed to basically disarm our police officers because of this incident? That would be a very foolish thing to do. I want the police to be as well or better armed than the punks on the street. And by the way, don't any other pictures of the deceased exist other than the typical shot taken when he was probably 14 years old and looking like an angel?
    1. Murray posted on 12/18/2013 08:46 AM
      @Barcham How does one show respect to a police officers who abuse their authority? The cops are either poorly trained or believe far too often that they know what they are doing. On two occasions I received apologies from two police commanders apologizing for the actions of his officers. On another occasion I was threatened with arrest for exercising my freedom of expression. Cops are not inclined to listen to citizens who actually know of what they speak. Three weeks ago I received a call from the police asking if they could drop by in order to discuss my request for a permit to hold some demonstrations. "Sure! No problem!" Then 20 min into the discussion the truth came out as to why they were there. "Have you ever been arrested?" "Nope! The Murray ____ with the criminal record for performing indecent acts in public is about 10 yrs younger than me." There are only two times that a cop may legally ask one for their ID. One is when they are being arrested and the other is when one is stopped for a moving violation. I have been asked for my ID as I demonstrated legally on at least five different occasions. I respect the cops. They do not have an easy job BUT they need to be better trained.
  2. anon posted on 12/18/2013 08:44 AM
    I couldn't agree more. If he didn't interfere with the arrest of his brother no one would've gotten shot. The police were right to feel threatened with a gang of men around them yelling and shoving. They keep saying kids but these teens are really hardened criminal men already with the way they live.
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