Quebec tightening up on PCB inspection measures

Following discovery of illegal PCB storing site in Pointe-Claire

Quebec's environment minister announced tighter policies for PCB inspections across the province on Tuesday.

Yves-François Blanchet says the ministry’s measures clearly weren't good enough, because the case of Reliance Power Equipment storing illegal PCBs on its Pointe-Claire site fell through the cracks.

“If the frequency of inspections and the measures would have been enough, we would have known that there were some PCBs on the site, again. Since we didn't, it became clear that the measures were not severe enough,” Blanchet said.

The ministry says that 1300 sites will be inspected within the next five years.

All sites that have, or once had, stored PCBs or sites that have been identified as at risk, will be inspected.

Blanchet is also asking citizens to help them identify at-risk sites by calling the ministry.

Meanwhile, both the minister and the mayor of Pointe-Claire announced that all the PCBs will be removed from the Reliance site by Christmas.

“Everything will be done except for the decontamination of the ground, that should be done in the spring. We cannot start by checking the ground all over, we have to start at point zero, at the Reliance site,” Morris Trudeau, the mayor of Pointe-Claire, said.

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