Concordia comes out against PQ's charter

Add Concordia University to the list of those institutions who are coming out against the PQ's proposed secularism charter.

Concordia's senate and board of governors says the charter is unacceptable in its present form, largely because of its ban on religious symbols, which it says would harm its ability to recruit students and staff.

Concordia spokesperson Chris Mota says it took the university community months to come up with their official statement because, she says, they wanted to hear from all corners — students, faculty and support staff.

And she says there was a concensus.

"We have no problem here," Mota says. "We don't see where this would be helpful, and we also think it could be potentially negative. That's the message we're putting out to the government."

The statement does say some elements of the charter make sense, such as the principle of equality between men and women, but that the ban on religious symbols is not acceptable, and would sesriously damage the university's competitiveness in attracting students and staff.

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