10% of Montreal police senior officers under investigation since 2010: report

An unprecedented number of senior officers within the Montreal police force found themselves under internal investigation over the past three years.

A La Presse report suggests 15 of the 150 senior officers on the force had undergone questioning, at one time or another, in the three years since Marc Parent became police chief in 2010.

The report suggests the rank and file at the police department are split as to whether they believe there's a necessary cleanup taking place in the upper echelons of the force — or whether it's all a witchhunt.

In any case, a climate of suspicion is said to exist to the point where some of the 150 have purchased a second cellphone — just in case the one furnished by their employer becomes subject to wiretapping.

Two of the concerns were determined to be unfounded. Of the others, one officer is in the crosshairs because he is involved in a family construction business which did work for Mascouche, where the mayor is accused of corruption.

The rest of the cases are either serious disciplinary issues or criminal investigations including a drunk driving case, an officer who made false statements when crossing the border and an inspector who bought police equipment with a fund dedicated to the fight against contraband tobacco.

Parent's spouse is also being reassigned, to avoid any appearance of conflict of interest.

Genevieve Beauregard is director of human resources for the police force — she'll be assigned other HR work when the entire department is transferred to city hall in the New Year.

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