City snow removal crews get Christmas off

Montreal has been dumped with over two feet of snow in the last two weeks, and the city is scrambling to get as much of it carted away as soon as possible.

“My main goal is the safety of Montrealers,” said Anie Samson of the City of Montreal.

A law however allows crews a 36-hour break, and the city decided to give their employees Christmas off.

Estimates are that approximately 10 percent of the snow has been cleared, and the rest should be removed by December 30th.

“We need the cooperation of the citizens,” Samson said. “I know it’s very difficult, I know we have a lot of snow, but please help us because if we want to clean the streets, we need the cars out [of the way.]”

During the last storm, crews towed approximately 5,000 vehicles – and they estimate each vehicle towed slows down the clearing operation by 10 minutes.

Officials estimate 15-20 centimetres of snow cost about $20 million to haul away.

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  1. Lisa posted on 12/23/2013 11:05 PM
    What a load of nonsense. I'm sorry that you have to work on Christmas, but removing snow is essential. Doctors work, nurses work, ambulance techiniians work on Christmas and they do so for the safety of the community. City workers need to work nights to get the snow removed. The city need to make more parking lots free so that people have somewhere to park so that snow can be cleaned in the over night hour. Plus, the cops need to start fining people who get their driveways clean nd then leave the snow on the street blocking a tax payers parking spot.
    1. Geo posted on 12/24/2013 09:48 PM
      @Lisa Hey....chill-out baby....
      It's part of the spirit of the city.
      They deserve time-off like everyone else.
      You sound deranged.
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