Circumcision doc suspended, for now

Dr. Raymond Rezaie will not be performing any more circumcisions, at least in the immediate future.

He's accused of botching 31 circumcisions between July 2010 and October 2013 so badly that many of the babies needed corrective surgery.

The complaints against him were brought to the College of Physicians by a fellow doctor at Ste-Justine hospital.

An investigation into the complaints earlier this month concluded that the circumcisions were "inadequate" and "inappropriate."

It also described Rezaie as a danger to the public.

He faces a disciplinary hearing before the College some time in the new year.

In all 31 cases, the corrective surgery had to be performed while the baby was under general anesthetic.

The doctor who made the complainst says she has 80 files on him, and that the hospital received numerous complaints about his work from parents.

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  1. Hugh7 posted on 12/25/2013 03:16 PM
    A botched circumcision is only among the worst of its outcomes. Death is a possibilty (more often than is ever reported, because none of the survivors wants to take responsibility for such a tragedy, and it is easy to blame a newborn's death on something else, such as an undisclosed congenital condition).

    Lesser harms include poor aesthetic outcomes and impaired sexual functioning. These often go unreported because they are all the man has ever known.

    Every circumcision impairs sexual pleasure. Again, men don't know what they are missing, but their descriptions are strikingly goal-centrred - "reaching orgasm" and the like - suggesting they are unaware of what they could be enjoying on the way.

    And every non-therapeutic infant genital cutting infringes on an individual's human right to decide for themself what part of their own body they want to keep.
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