Boxing Day madness infects Montreal

Downtown Montreal was not for the weak nor the faint of heart today.

Thousands of Montrealers took to the malls and sidewalks for big bargains on big ticket items, but despite the crowds, tempers stayed, like the weather, fairly cool.

Lineups were evident across the city.

At the Future Shop downtown, the line stretched down Ste-Catherine and around the corner onto St-Alexandre, reaching almost to René-Lévesque.

Somewhere among the legions of shoppers was Mike Massoud. He says he was looking forward to some Boxing Day craziness.

"I'm here for the excitement, shoving people around and getting shoved," he says with a smile. "Hopefully it'll be peaceful and not like a Black Friday. But we'll see, hopefully they'll have enough stock for everybody and everybody gets what they want."

Still, despite the snow and the cold, most shoppers seemed upbeat, if at times a little flustered and overwhelmed.

Photo by Patrick Lejtenyi

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