Price of gasoline set for a big jump

Get set for a big post-Christmas jump in the price of gasoline.

Our sources are telling us the price of a litre of regular gasoline has gone up in some parts of town to 145.4 — that's up close to 15 cents per litre.

And a change at some stations in the afternoon usually means a more widespread change by the following morning.

For the moment, it's not clear whether this past weekend's ice storm in many parts of eastern Canada may have had something to do with the spike in prices.

A number of gas stations the province, for instance, have run out of gas since the storm.

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  1. markR posted on 12/27/2013 03:04 PM
    The sad part is that every time the media reports a potential increase in gas prices, you actually help fuel (no pun intended) the rush to fill up and and further encourage these gougers to play this game on the slightest reason to increase the price.
  2. Joseph posted on 12/27/2013 04:14 PM
    Low life excuse to increase the price.
  3. Richard posted on 12/27/2013 05:08 PM
    This is horse Hockey
    What other product can you make more money by selling less?

    Yhey closed the refinery here and now we pay more because it comes from Ontario
  4. ric posted on 12/27/2013 10:46 PM
    Oil companies are just a bunch of thieves and the governments love it. When prices rise, so do the taxes. Could you imagine food, clothes and other goods going up like gas? Of course not. Unfortunately there's no one to fight for us.
  5. Jim posted on 12/28/2013 07:31 AM
    Filled up in the states yesterday way cheaper also in gallons grocery shopping too 20 times cheaper
  6. RykE posted on 12/28/2013 08:57 AM
    Richard, the answer to your question would be bottled water. However, unlike bottled water, we need gas, so we are at the mercy of these crooks.

    A consumer revolt would be a great idea, but clearly not possible, unless somehow we were able to convince legions of commuters to use the bus en masse instead of their own cars to commute to work daily.
  7. gabriel posted on 12/29/2013 05:27 AM
    Funny how all gas companies go up and down at the same time, and by the same price. Always goes up by 10-15 cents a liter. Goes down by 1 or 2 cents at the time.
    Never see it go down by 10-15 cents.
  8. More bs posted on 12/29/2013 03:08 PM
    25 cents less a litre in Lancaster Ontario. Do something or suck it up.
  9. Murray posted on 01/01/2014 08:04 PM
    I bought gas near Ottawa for $1.224 on Mon and $1.244 today on the return trip. In a few weeks I will buy gas in VT and then a month after that in VY/NH. We will shop in VT and pay no taxes on clothes and then no taxes on anything in NH. Anything to support the OQLF and Pauline! :o)
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