The Brick telling customers Boxing Day sale was a mistake

Big name retailer The Brick is being accused of trying to go back on an online Boxing Day offer.

On the evening of December 24th to the 25th customers making online purchases received an additional 50 percent off at check out.

Now, on their Facebook page and by email The Brick has contacted customers to say the discount was erroneous and customers who want the item will need to pay the advertised price.

“I purchased a kitchen table for $199, then I received an email saying there was a pricing error online and due to this we need you to email us back with a phone number so we can let you know what the correct price is, there wasn't an apology or anything," Shadia Han, one of the customers who was contacted said.

"Then, they want to offer us a 10 percent discount instead, which I think is rubbish."

The Office de la protection du consommateur says the price at check out is legally binding and customers in this situation should send a legal letter to The Brick asking them to respect that contract.

Otherwise, they can file a complaint with the office and take them to small claims court.

The Brick would not comment on what constitutes a contract but specified that none of the purchases had been completed. It also suggested customers who are upset about the change contact customer service.

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  1. consumer posted on 12/27/2013 03:39 PM
    I am looking to buy 2 beds and a living room couch and tables with extras.


    Happy 2014 the brick.

    Hello Brault et Martineau.
    1. darren posted on 12/28/2013 08:22 AM
      @consumer Couldn't agree more. When situations like this come along the mighty dollar says it all. I'll bet many people will look elsewhere to shop, as they should.

      BIG MISTAKE BRICK. watch the dollars now make their way across the street to the honorable stores. The Brickorama of furniture stores it appears.
  2. higgs posted on 12/27/2013 03:59 PM
    hit like a brick
  3. Naheen Farabi posted on 12/27/2013 06:58 PM
    I have had the same problem. Brick asked me to cancel the order or take 10% discount. I did not agree to do either. Sent a email to customer service to respect the price of the checkout since it seems impossible to get a hold of them over the telephone today. Hopefully they will do it,
    1. Alex posted on 12/28/2013 12:04 AM
      @Naheen Farabi Naheen says: "since it seems impossible to get a hold of them over the telephone today." Yeah, it's like try talking to a brick wall.
  4. Murray posted on 12/27/2013 07:44 PM
    The Brick does not post bilingual signs in their stores while Leon's does. Anyone who mistakenly rec'd the 50% discount is entitled to it by (consumer) law.
    As The Brick does not care for us, we should have no sympathy whatsoever for The Brick!
  5. Rudy Haugeneder posted on 12/27/2013 10:34 PM
    If a company gives you an extra 50% because you bought from them, then a deal is a deal and should be honored. That the Brick now wants its money back because of a computer glitch it created is their problem and the deals made should stand. Otherwise the Brick is not to ever be trusted and should be, by all smart consumers, boycotted. Furthermore, the way the Brick normally does business is often almost deceitful -- bordering on illegal -- and those fools who buy Brick stuff and use the company's credit services should be ashamed of themselves for being so stupid.
  6. Kari posted on 12/27/2013 11:00 PM
    I'm not surprised by the horrible service from the Brick.
    Three times, yes, I said three times I tried to deal with them and had nothing but trouble.
    Wrong deliveries, damaged goods and not very good customer service.
    I finally cancelled everything and went over the highway to Brault and Martineau and was 100% satisfied with everything.
    The Brick should take lessons from them. After all thats where all their former customers are now.
    I'm certainly not the only one who feels this way, I have spoken to many people who have had the same experiences.
    Of course they have to honour the discounted prices!
  7. Karla Liebrandt posted on 12/28/2013 09:55 AM
    My BF Roger and I went to The Brick in St. Hubert last year, looking for a sofa set and tables. The moment we walked into the store, the sales staff looked at both of us with an "I smell shit" look on their faces. Worse, they were not the least bit helpful and the prices were not as low as advertised. So after about five minutes of this nonsense, we decided to go elsewhere. We have not set foot in there since then. The article above doesn't surprise me in the least, and I know of quite a few people who have received the same treatment.
  8. Paul posted on 12/28/2013 03:21 PM
    This is very bad publicity for The Brick. I don't see why they don't honor the price. They are still going to make a profit and honoring the price will save them a lot of bad publicity. Such a huge corporation and they can't afford to bite the bullet on this mistake? Give me a break. I was going to be looking for 2 bedroom sets plus some other items in the Spring and would have checked out their products and pricing but now I won't even give them a 2nd look!!!!! Lot's of other stores out there like Leon's and Brault and Martineau!!!
    1. Arch83 posted on 12/29/2013 01:45 AM
      @Paul Of course you know that The Brick and Leons have now merged.
  9. gary_ns posted on 12/28/2013 05:55 PM
    From their days back as Bill Comries Furniture warehouse to the present day Brick, nothing but a shady outfit that will do anything to shaft people. Don't shop there, I stopped years ago.
  10. Richard posted on 12/29/2013 07:14 AM
    I have to side with the Brick on this one.
    Its not the advertized price they are going back on...
    They listed it at 100$ you decided to buy it at 100 and the error came at check out
    Had they listed the item at 100$ then turned around and said it should have been
    200$ then they would be in the wrong.

    If you walk up to a cash register with an item that costs 19.99 and the casher enters 1.99 but realised the error, would you be demanding to pay 1.99?

    This is exactly the same in my opinion
  11. Michael posted on 12/31/2013 01:24 AM
    In March, 2006. I purchased an item at The Brick.It appeared "factory sealed", however. when I unpacked it upon arriving at home, I realized that the article had clearly been used and subjected to significant wear & tear. Then, I had to physically return the unit and wait another week before they received new stock which I had to pick up again myself since they would not deliver it as a "courtesy". 3 trips to buy 1 item!!! Shop at The Brick? Never since and never again!
  12. amanda posted on 12/31/2013 10:32 AM
    If there is a mistake on the web page.....I would not give back the money! I'm sure The Brick will learn a very well deserved lesson on advertising.....although If you happen to own a brick card expect those charges to taken off if they legally can....or your product to not be honored! If you have your product enjoy it while it sure your warranty is out the door! or they will try everything possible! Wonder if anyone has lost a job over this....
  13. More BS posted on 12/31/2013 05:43 PM
    The honourable thing to do would be give people the price that was advertised. This speaks volumes about the Brick. Unfortunately people will still shop there.
  14. More BS posted on 01/01/2014 09:16 PM
    The same people who got screwed will run back to them again..
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