Last respects for Vito Rizzuto

Died last week of natural causes at age 67

Hundreds of people are filing into a Montreal funeral home today to pay their respects to reputed Mafia boss Vito Rizzuto.

Rizzuto, the head of a powerful criminal organization with international reach, died of natural causes in hospital last Monday.

He was 67.

The line of mourners at the Loreto funeral home in St Leonard was so long it snaked around the side of building.

The surrounding streets were so busy that police were on hand to direct traffic.

Officers in unmarked police vehicles could also be seen taking photos of people entering the building.

Rizzuto's funeral will be held Monday at Notre Dame de la Defense church in Little Italy.

He was released from a US prison in 2012 after being convicted of racketeering in the 1981 murders of three New York mafia members.

His father, Nicolo' Rizzuto, and his son Nick, were gunned down while he was behind bars.


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  1. Mario Capone posted on 12/30/2013 09:29 AM
    Who was Vito Rizzuto??

    I can tell you what he wasn't, he was not a fireman, policeman, doctor, scientist, athlete, nor an astronaut or a priest or pastor, not a nurse, artist, musician or community worker.

    He was and will always be a muderous money hungry, drug dealer, extortionist thief. As an Italian Canadian I am appalled at the many sympathizers in my community and the media frenzy around this man..Lets give our children positive role models.

    St Leonard
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