Montrealers fuming at recent gas price hike

Gas prices jumped from 129,4 to 144,9 overnight on December 27.
Chris Nardi / CJAD News

Roger Lapointe didn't mince words when asked to comment about gas prices.

"It's outrageous. It always seems like when there's a holiday or a special occasion, prices go up," declared the Montrealer, as he watched the total rise on the gas pump he was using.

"I feel like these companies take advantage of times when they suspect people need more gas."

Lapointe was one of many taken aback when prices jumped from $ 1.29 per litre to $ 1.44 practically overnight on December 27th.

Regys Leraie also has his doubts about the legitimacy of the sudden increase in fuel costs. He thinks gas companies are taking advantage of holiday travelers rather than following market prices.

"It's not fair. The price should be like the market price. I'm not sure it's like the market price right now."

Other motorists, such as Theodore, are upset about the hike, but feel powerless to do anything about it.

"People are willing to accept high increases before they change their behaviour. Honestly, unless it goes over $ 2 a litre, it's not really going to affect my behaviour."

CAA Quebec says the main reason for the big jump is a thinner profit margin for gas companies. Meantime, they are advising people to hold off filling up their tanks until later this week.

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  1. Joanne Ryshpan-Harris posted on 12/29/2013 03:11 PM
    There are many discrepancies in the way that the gas companies operate particularly around the holidays as I wholeheartedly agree with M. Lapointe. The market price is not in sync with the prices that Montrealers are currently paying and if you listen closely, you will also find that the sound of the gas being pumped into your gas tank ceases if you prepay a short while before you finish pumping. Also, if you begin pumping before you wait to see the dollar sign change to zero, you will also notice nothing when listening for the gas to pump through the hose. I believe that Ottawa needs to crack down on this situation particularly in Quebec.
  2. Joseph posted on 12/29/2013 03:46 PM
    Just pure greed for the love of money. No excuse.
  3. andrew posted on 12/29/2013 06:05 PM
    I was in Ottawa last night 12/28/2013 and I filled up at $1.21/L so at $1.44 in Quebec it's more than the usual $.10 cents difference in price.
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