Addressing Charter supporters, video celebrates Quebec diversity

An all-French video is celebrating the diversity of Quebec society while affirming its inclusiveness.

The video was produced by Christian-Jewish Dialogue of Montreal, a non-profit that's had a presence in Montreal for over 40 years.

Its creators say the video is meant to contribute to the debate over the province's secularism charter and hope it leads to greater understanding between Quebec's minorities and its francophone majority.

The minute, at three minutes and 18 seconds, features white Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Jews, Buddhists and agnostics, all of whom say they are Quebecers.

CJDM chairperson Victor Goldbloom says he wanted the video to be in French since most anglophones already oppose the Charter.

"The message is addressed to the government and to the majority population of Quebec, to those who may think that this proposed charter is a good idea," he says.

The CJDM has submitted a brief to the parliamentary hearings into the Charter, which begin on January 14.

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  1. darren posted on 01/01/2014 06:30 PM
    Unfortunately these quebecers are amongst those whom hardliners in the PQ want out of "their" supposed nation. The PQ's true colours are blue and only blue. The prudent approach is to out populate the pure laine. History repeats itself again.
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