Cold weather not going anywhere for a while

The cold front that has Montreal caught in a deep freeze will continue for at least the next few days.

Environment Canada senior climatologist David Phillips blames an Arctic air mass for an especially cold Thursday and Friday, with an expected high of -22C on Thursday and -20C on Friday. Wind chills may make the temperature feel like -39C on Thursday afternoon.

"The air is very thick, like molasses," he says. "It just flows down and fills every nook and cranny. It really is the bully and it's hard to deny, hard to kick it out."

He is advising people to stay indoors, especially small children and the elderly.

Those who must go outside should bundle up with layers, mittens and toques.

Travellers should also give people an itinerary to let them know when they can be expected.

Phillips is also hoping people will look in on the elderly and infirm, saying it is possible for people to suffer from hypothermia even if they are indoors.

Photo courtesy La Presse

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  1. Kari posted on 01/02/2014 10:34 AM
    Ok, freezing cold temperatures, Hydro on and off and they want to ban wood burning fireplaces?
    The logic please?
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