UPDATE: Flooding causes extensive damage to St-James United Church

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    Courtesy for Rey Mena

      Insurance and cleanup crews were at Montreal’s historic St-James United Church after a devastating flood early Friday morning.

      It was caused by a sprinkler system pipe that burst sending water cascading down three floors.

      By the time firefighters arrived, four feet of water had accumulated in the basement destroying their heating system.

      It was so cold in the building that the water on the floor turned to ice and icicles formed on the ceilings.

      It's not the first time Reverend Arlen Bonnar has had to deal with a crisis situation like this one, repairs following a fire in March 2012 had just merely been finalised. 

      "When I got the call I thought oh no here we go again, but that's what we do, we have to here we go again and whatever it is, we have to deal with.  So that's what we're doing," Reverend Bonnar told CJAD.

      Insurance crews are currently evaluating the damage but the Reverend said it would be at least a quarter million dollars.

      Not to mention the one million dollar organ that might be destroyed if kept in the cold for too long.

      The church is also scrambling to find a heating source in time for a wedding scheduled for Saturday and services on Sunday.  

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