Should you be worried about snow piling up on your roof?

With the snow, ice, thaw and more deep-freeze weather on the way, should you be worrying about what's piling up on your roof?

Jon Eakes, with CJAD's Home Improvement show, says there's an easy test.

"You look inside the house, in the centre of the house, where there are doors," he says. "Doors on inside walls. And if the doors are starting to jam, and they've never jammed before...that means the snow is pushing down for some reason."

He says if you do have to go up yourself to shovel — you start at the top and work your way downward.

And he says, if you hire someone to clean the snow, make sure they're professional — and insured.

"If he gets hurt, you're liable," Eakes says.

For more weather-related tips — including more on dealing with frozen pipes — visit Jon Eakes' website here.

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