Extreme cold causes airport chaos


Extreme weather conditions caused chaos at airports in the United States and Canada Tuesday morning.

A ground stop was called Tuesday morning at Pearson International Airport and lasted until early afternoon.

No flights were allowed to land because of a huge backlog of planes, unable to take off due to the weather, causing headaches for travellers everywhere.

Passengers flying out of Trudeau airport lined up for hours trying to get their flights rescheduled.

Others, like this man travelling to England, had the airline telephone number on speed dial unable to get through.

"I spent the night at the hotel, and called all night but no one answers, it just rings and rings and rings."

Not only were flights to Pearson Airport delayed or cancelled.

Airports in the United States and across the country are feeling the ripple effects of the weather.

The backlog will be felt most of the week as airlines try to reschedule thousands of frustrated passengers.

Airlines are urging travellers to check their flight status before leaving the house.

A message on the West Jet website also said baggage would have to remain on board some flights until ''sometime Tuesday.''

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  1. Joseph posted on 01/07/2014 04:10 PM
    Airlines are urging travellers to check their flight status before leaving the house. But they don't answer the phone. What a joke.
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