Fairview terminus bus changes not popular

Some commuters not happy with bus stop relocations at Fairview terminus
Shuyee Lee/CJAD 800 NEWS

Some commuters are not happy with the new relocated bus stops at the Fairview terminus in Pointe Claire, concerned about safety issues.

The changes took effect yesterday. New articulated buses are being used on the 470 Pierrefonds Express line. That meant moving the bus stops.

Commuters like the new accordion buses; what many don't like is the new layout of the bus stops. They're now on Brunswick right near the entrance and exit of the Fairview terminus, leaving commuters to deal with the stream of buses and cars.

" I fear people getting knocked down and I wouldn't like that," said one woman making her way up the sloped road towards the terminus, avoiding the icy sidewalks. She'd just gotten off the 470 West bus.

"I wouldn't like to see my brothers and my sisters just get knocked down just like that so they have to do something better than that right now."

There are no shelters either at the new stops. Commuters shivering in the frigid cold told CJAD 800 News they'd prefer the buses stop at the terminus.

"I'm concerned about the ice and the distance before you get here, you're afraid you're going to miss your bus," said one woman making her way gingerly on the icy sidewalk.

"It is really more harder because over there it was better because you felt more safer, you could come out of the bus station and straight into the bus. Now you have to walk, you have to dodge cars and everything," said a young man waiting at the 470 West bus stop.

STM spokesperson Amelie Régis told CJAD 800 News in an email that before putting the buses into service, all the stops were checked out in terms of security. She said right now , they have staff on hand to help folks out and guide them to the new stops. But she also added that adjustments could be made if necessary.

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