Cops with cameras: not so fast

The idea of issuing Montreal police officers with personal cameras is being raised again, following the emergence of two videos shot by passers-by in recent weeks showing police acting aggressively towards civilians.

One shows an officer threatening to tie a homeless man wearing only a t-shirt to a pole in frigid temperatures, the other a violent confrontation with a group of young men in a McDonalds. 

But the force says its officers won't be wearing cameras any time soon.

Police spokesman Ian Lafreniere says many officers like the idea, since it can show the whole story behind controversial videos.

But he says there are many issues to deal with before the project - which has been under consideration for almost a year - can be given the green light.

Among them are privacy and personnel concerns.

"One city in the States, when they introduced the new model, they [assigned] two officers to look through the footage. Now they have 26," he says. "For them it's a monster."

He says police in several cities in the US, the UK, France and Belgium are already equipped with body-worn video. Police in Calgary recently completed a pilot project involving cameras and are expanding the practice.

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  1. ric posted on 01/08/2014 02:04 PM
    Totally disagree with these cameras-bad idea. Hey, the police aren't the bad guys here. Usually their actions are right. For the odd time they're wrong, than let's deal with them severely. Would any of you like your daily actions and conversations taped, no I didn't think so. I think dash cams are necessary, not body cams.
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