Group urges wearing of religious symbols Jan. 13

A group called Support Another is planning two events to mark the start next week of government hearings on the Parti Quebecois' proposed charter of values.

On Sunday, the day before the hearings open, opponents of the charter are invited to a rally at two o'clock at Place Jacques Cartier in Old Montreal.

The following day, Support Another is asking Quebecers who would not normally wear a religious symbol to don one for the day as a show of solidarity.

It urges "Quebeckers and Canadians to support each other's freedom of expression, freedom of choice, and freedom of religion. Whether you are going to work, school or shopping, we invite you all to wear a religious symbol for a day in order to denounce the charter of values proposed by the Quebec government. Bill 60 does not represent OUR values."

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  1. David posted on 01/09/2014 01:06 PM
    Great idea,
    But the problem with this type of demonstration is that it takes place in Montreal. It should be in the hinterland where the PQ grassroots supporters are. They are the ones who need to see what's going on.
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